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About Us

Dear visitor,
I would like to tell you about our hostel.
The Hostel “Vitan” is located in the city center, or rather five minutes away from it. This gives us certain advantages with regards to the other hostels located directly in the center of Lviv. Perhaps, you would like to know why? Let me try and explain it, and you will completely agree with me.
Lviv is a very impulsive city, so the life goes on day and night. It’s more pleasant to walk with your friends or with your other half amid various buildings at night, which have centuries of history, and streets, smelling of coffee and antiquity. Everyone likes different holidays: some prefer noisy sea breaks full of fun and laughter, and some – silence and solitude. Our hostel, which is in the city center, will provide you with a peaceful, quiet holiday that will create your positive mood and fill you with lots of energy for the next day.
The Hostel is located in 26 Hazova Street and you can check our address using the electronic map.
We will give you many positive impressions of our city you won’t regret.
Have a nice holiday!

Why our hotel-hostel

Location of the hotel-hostel
Hotel and Hostel ‘Vitan’ is located in city center, 7 minutes away from the Opera House and historic attractions.
It's easy to get
Easy directions to the train station and the airport. We will allow you to get rest very quickly.
Free parking
Hotel-hostel ‘Vitan’ offers convenient parking for your car for free
Comfortable rooms
We can offers 2-x, 3-x, 4-x rooms in hotel and 2-x, 8-x and 20-x in our hostel. There are rooms in the hostel for 100 people
Our service includes comfortable kitchen with all appliances, washing machine and all necessary utensils for your comfort. A computer room and wifi is at your disposal. In the lounge there is a plasma TV. Hotel ‘Vitan’ is equipped with air-conditioning system. Hot water and electricity are without delays. Cold water is filtered and according to European standards. There is a modern security system, which protects guests and customers.
Other services
For an additional fee, you can order food, keep things in the safe, order a taxi, and more.
Experienced staff
Qualified staff will inform you on local tours, museums, nightlife and provide all necessary information.

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